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Urban Wilderness is a collaborative journal project consisted of writers, filmmakers and photographers. We bring to our readers an insight into the urbanities and wilderness of the world through inspiring images and storytelling.

Explore with us the peculiarities of nature, culture, history, gastronomy of wondrous destinations; where the urban meets the wild; where they either intriguingly clash or creatively complete each other.

UW is a volunteer-run website. We work towards broadening its sources of contribution and funding with the aim of strengthening the unconventional, sterling and independent storytelling.

Our mission is not to simply publish conventional pleasing content; but to truly engage our wide-ranging audience with significant things occuring in all corners of the world.

let us introduce

Our Team


Elma Neykova

Elma is the founder and the driving energy of the Wilderness. Her mission is to continuously create new ideas and turn them into the language that makes the visual identity of UW what it is - artistic expression of lifeful experience.


Novak Lukovac

Novak is the founder and the voice of the Urban. His stories from under the taverna tables, hood benches and forgotten squares resonate even through the night club cacophony of beats and screams.

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